Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Covering of Prayer

I snuggled down in comfort
upon my nice warm bed,
and pulled the blanket 'round me,
touching the pillow with my head.

I closed my eyes in peacefulness
and waited patiently,
for the sound of angels' fluttering wings
as they surrounded me.

I felt the Lord as He drew near
to wrap me in His care,
and my lips uttered my praises
as I approached my Lord in prayer.

When I gave to Him my worries,
and all the turmoil of today,
I felt His gentle touch on me
as He wiped tears and fears away.

When stardust floated downward,
my worries lay in a heap,
as the Lord discarded each one
before filling my eyes with sleep.

Oh, the joy of knowing nightly
that Jesus would be there,
because the blanket that I pulled up
was a covering of prayer.