Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wake up call

The Great Temptation

We live in a future culture, a state of mind that says: Tomorrow, tomorrow I will do it. I will turn to God tomorrow. I will apologize tomorrow, I will be happy tomorrow, I will make peace tomorrow, I will give up wine and women tomorrow, I will study for that exam tomorrow. The list is endless. It’s as if we are saying “as soon as I get though school I will start living.” We get through school and say “when I get a job I will start living.” We get the job and then we say” when I get married I will start living.” We get married and have children and say “ as soon as the children have grown up an leave home I will live.” All this time has passed and we realize we don’t know what it means to live and we will most likely die with out ever having lived.

Henry David Thoreau wrote “Oh, to reach the point of death only to find out that you haven’t lived at all.” Think about it!!

Being a tomorrow man or woman is one of the greatest temptations. It is the temptation to wait until tomorrow to do what needs to be done today. We wait for the stars to be in their right orbit to make a move in our lives. We wait until the financial situation improves, the house is built and the baby is born. We go on waiting and in the meantime life passes us by like a ship in the night. We are left behind, we have not lived, we have merely existed.

Life Is Now

Life is not yesterday nor is it tomorrow. Life is NOW. God is not tomorrow, God is not yesterday, God is NOW. Love is now. Forgiveness is now. Peace is now. You cannot produce it but if you come into the present, into the now, you will experience all that life has to offer you. Everything seems to have changed once we reach this realization yet indeed no change has taken place. The world has not changed; the sun still rises and sets every day. We simply see it with new eyes!

Let us remember to live in the now, the present. When we eat, eat, when we sleep, sleep, when we look, look. The fact is hardly anyone does this because hardly anyone lives in the present. It is in the present that we find God and find life. This is why Jesus, St. Paul and the Church urges us to wake up….. wake up before it is too late and we end up dying … without ever having lived.