Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why Do Catholics Worship Mary?

Did the title grab your attention?

Catholics do not worship Mary. What Catholics do is Venerate, Revere, Respect and admire Mary.

Why do Catholics love Mary so much?

Because God loved her first and chose Mary for Himself from the beginning of time. (Genesis 3:14-15).

What makes Mary so special?

Look at it this way. Do you think God would choose you to carry His Son in your womb? Think about it. Are you that pure? Or that sinless?

In order to preserve God's Word the Jews constructed the Ark Of The Covenant. It was so Holy that when Uzzah reached out to steady it, God struck him on the spot and Uzzah died. (II Samuel 6:6-7).

If God protected His Word so carefully, why would God do less for His Beloved Son?

In order to nuture the Son of God, Mary had to be pure, holy and sinless. Do we think God could not do this miracle within the heart and soul of Mary? Of course God can and did so. God did this when Anne was pregnant with her daughter, Mary. Remember, God can do all things. It is man who is limited.

One more thing needs to be considered. Would God use a woman as a human incubator and then carelessly toss her aside as if she were worthless? To do this would break one of God's own Commandments, 'Honour thy mother and father.'

It is inconceivable that God would treat the Mother of God so disrespectfully. How can any person think such a thing?

When Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth the child within Elizabeth's womb leapt for joy as Elizabeth cried out, 'Most blessed are you among women.' Elizabeth mentions Mary first then Elizabeth continues, 'and blessed is the fruit of your womb.' Then Elizabeth says, '...That the mother of my Lord should come to me?' Mary then proclaimed the Greatness of God, her spirit rejoices in God her Savior and she continues to say, 'from now on will all the ages call me blessed.'(Luke 1:41-43, 46-48)

When looking at the above statements are both Elizabeth and Mary deluded or prideful? Or are they speaking Divine Truth?

In order to carry the Son of God Mary had to be without corruption, in other words without sin. The Divine cannot co-exist with corruption.

When we understand Mary's purity, her holiness we then understand the chasteness of the Marital Union between her and her holy spouse, Joseph.

If the Ark of the Covenant could not be touched by human hands then how could Mary be touched intimately by a man? To understand Joseph is to honour the fact that both Joseph and Mary's union remained Chaste and pure.

The Immaculate Conception remains Dogma because it is Truth revealed and cemented in Church Teaching and Tradition. It merely cements into Church Tradition the Biblical understanding when Gabriel says, "Hail, favored one! The Lord is with you...The holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. Therefore the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God."(Luke 1:28,35)

Just as sin was brought into the world through the disobedience of Adam and Eve. The sting of death was negated by the birth, death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior through Mary's FIAT.

Jesus and Mary restored that which was broken by Adam and Eve.

There was only one voice which objected to Mary's preeminence, and with a cry of 'I do not serve' Lucifer was thrown down to hell.

In the end if God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit chose Mary, who are you to disagree?