Friday, November 16, 2007

Do You Pray or Say The Rosary?

The one thing that truly annoys me is listening to a Rosary that is said at the speed of light.

There is no pause for meditation. No reflection on the particular Mystery as the Hail Mary's pour forth so fast that it almost becomes gibberish.

Let's face it would we talk to our own mothers so fast that they would not understand us? Would we talk to our friends at the speed of light?

What are we saying to our Blessed Mother when we pray at speed?

To say the Rosary at speed is to insult our Blessed Mother. It is as if we are telling the Mother of God that we have no time to actually spend with her, but we wish to keep up 'appearances'.

I have been to Rosary prayer groups where a clock is set for ten minutes in other words the Rosary must be finished within that ten minute period. What is the point, if your heart is not involved?

Now I prefer to pray the Rosary privately where I can spend time to meditate and reflect on the lives of our Lord & Saviour and Our Lady.

Pray the Rosary with the understanding of how honoured we are to be given this form of prayer rather than treat Our Lady as if she should be honoured by our non prayerful presense.

Love Our Blessed Mother enough to long to spend time with her in acknowledgement that it is we who need her and not the reverse.
How long do YOU spend praying the Rosary?